Our Partners

We have worked hard to develop a strong network of dependable and similarly motivated partners who share our values and commitment to our clients.

Next Venture

Armando Morles is another specialist we value as a partner. His expertise at opening new markets is very valuable and his specialist knowledge of the markets of Latin America can be very timely for New Zealand entities looking to go there next.

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Heath Lewis

Heath is a gifted illustrator and often helps us with graphic design, animation and video production. He has a diverse set of skills and can produce work that really tells a story. He loves technology and new ideas. Heath has already produced a number of great pieces for our clients whilst working closely with us, including video and slide decks. These examples have added to his already accomplished portfolio.

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Porath Executive Search

Sometimes our clients need a very specific and talented superhero to fill a permanent role. When this arises we usually reach out to Mark Porath who has a big background in Executive Search along with a very extensive network in New Zealand and international markets for finding people who bring distinct value to a business or organisation.

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Howard & Company

The team at Howard & Co share similar views on the importance of a disciplined and well structured approach to growing New Zealand tech companies. They have an excellent track record for assisting businesses to raise capital, grow well and to exit.

We have worked together with Howard & Co on several projects and value their experience and capability when seeking to raise significant growth capital or when the requirement for M&A work arises.

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