Market Led Development

Develop a customer-centric approach to innovation ideas and strategies.

Inevitably, successful innovation includes delighted customers in the mix. In most cases this arises from strong links between R&D and the customer. We work for you to ensure these links are in place and working.

Often this means we take ownership of the marketing function for new product initiatives, during parts (or the sum of) the development cycle. We work in as part of your new product development team and ensure the product result is market led – that the customer is represented in all the little decisions and steps that make up the end result.

At the same time, we provide the context of the steps you will need in order to get to market, including things like marketing, pricing, distribution, sales, and partnerships. This delivers better outcomes.

Taking this type of ownership in a project is normally a finite engagement after which there is a hand-over to an internal owner or we help recruit the right owner for you.

If your customer is not well represented in your commercialisation project,

get in touch to discuss how they could be