About Us

The Company

Concept to Market was founded in 2001 in the period immediately following the dotcom market ‘correction’ and global slowdown in new technology investment. It was a time when technology and IP innovation was growing quickly in New Zealand, but there were significant capability gaps in the local community – especially when growth meant moving offshore early in the life of the new business.

For these reasons the company was initially focused on market entry planning and channels to market for technology companies looking to get into new and early markets for their wares. During the first 10 years, CTM assisted a large number of founders and entrepreneurs to get their ideas out into the light. We also facilitated boot camps for large groups of new entrepreneurs, helped raise money and provided mentoring support through the incubators and Business Mentors NZ.

During the last 8 years or so our founder also served on the boards of a number of more mature growth companies – as independent director and usually as chairman.

Today, our core focus on growing NZ Inc through the establishment of new markets, new technologies and new sources of export revenue remains. The work we do and the results we seek are still more or less the same as they were 15 years ago, but they are now filtered through the lens of Governance and experience and backed by a wider spread of capability. This means a relentless focus on the delivery of value and absolute clarity when it comes to your goals and objectives.

The New Zealand eco-system for the development of IP based business has matured and become a community. It is still fragmented, but being in a small country means it is well networked. We have always embraced a philosophy of sticking to what we are good at and then partnering on occasion for some very specific and important capabilities when they are needed.

We are lucky enough to be based in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore and to work with companies of all types, some of whom we have had relationships with for a long time. We love visitors and especially hearing about new ventures so drop by and sample the local coffee and sea air sometime.

We’d like to meet you and hear about what you are doing.