Overseas Market Entry Planning and
Execution for Functional Food and Beverages.

a2 Corporation

The a2 Milk Company™ was founded in New Zealand in 2000 by scientist Dr Corran McLachlan, with the support of his business partner Howard Patterson, following a very significant and amazing discovery: cows naturally produce different types of milk proteins and these proteins affect people differently.

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The Challenge

Following on from a previously successful engagement, a2 contracted CTM to review market opportunities and then to develop a market entry plan for Korea. Because of the timing of negotiations underway, only 6 weeks were available for the completion of the market analysis and entry plan.

Our Approach

Using our network, we quickly located a trusted in-market specialist research team who we contracted to conduct some primary research on our behalf.

We used primary and secondary data sources and our knowledge of the benefits of the a2 product to frame discussion around a number of key questions that were put to local consumers in the target groups that had been identified. Over time we developed a series of potential customer profiles, ranked and characterised, and identified certain buying influences and preferences.

We looked at the competition and their product offerings, their positioning and the existing profit and margin structures as well as supply chain capacity. We combined this information to construct a buyer model that laid out how the market worked and where the key relationships in the supply chain lay.

We wrapped this analysis into a market entry plan that described how, given the existing competition and customer buying preferences, the a2 product should be positioned and packaged.

Outcome and Client Benefits

a2 was able to differentiate between licensing partners in Korea and to confirm the best approach to the market. The level of detail supporting the plan was such that the local licensing partner adopted our plan as the go to market approach, and the company have then announced the successful launch of their a2 milk brand in Korea in a press release

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