Market Validation for
New Rechargeable Battery Technology

Volt Technology

Volt Technology has created the world’s first intelligent high capacity 1.5v AA and AAA rechargeable battery designed to give the ultimate user experience.

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The Challenge

Volt Technology’s product, BoostFP, is a rechargeable AA/AAA battery designed to be longer lasting and produce consistently optimal power output with a slow self discharge rate to provide much better performance for consumers. With a wide range of potential markets for application, the company needed to refine their markets for development in addition to preparing for the CES Tradeshow in early 2016.

Our Approach

The project began with firstly gaining a clear understanding of the product proposition and business framework. Research was conducted to examine each market of interest, including clearly understanding the customer needs and the potential market response to the initial product proposition. We also captured a view of the competitive landscape and the prospective supply chain channels. These findings were then used to refine the value propositions and customer segmentation strategies, particularly in approaching the CES show.

Outcome and Client Benefits

Volt was better able to articulate and pitch a clear message focused on and tailored to specific targets at the CES trade show. We were also able to help with access to Government funded support for the event. This is an exciting new company recently profiled in a recent press release here.

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