Market Due Diligence for
IT Hardware Product

The Lines Company

The Lines Company. One of New Zealand’s larger rural electricity network providers.

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The Challenge

The Company had advanced the prospect of making a significant equity investment in a young New Zealand company with a product suite developed as an accessory to IT hardware purchases. Prior to making an investment decision the company needed to perform international market due diligence to better understand the commercial potential of the opportunity.

Our Approach

Initially the project required us to gain a rapid understanding of the product suite and the proposition to market. A second part of the initial stage was to gain a clear picture of the intended customer groups and the business model under which they would order and pay for the product.

Armed with this information, we conducted research remotely via desktop and locally in the US market using a research associate. The main drive of the research was to validate the initial markets that had been uncovered and also to test the proposition versus the competition in adjacent intended markets. The resulting knowledge was then used to test the sales and business development forecasts.

Outcome and Client Benefits

The Company was able to make a clear and well informed decision regarding a significant six-figure investment commitment

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