Market Development Strategy
for New Software Product


Voola was started in 2005 and focused on delivering an enterprise development framework for software developers building web applications. Voola helped web developers create rich data driven websites and web based tools without the need for expensive development resources.

The Challenge

Voola was newly created software, built using the latest .Net tools from Microsoft and designed to make the development of online databases simpler and easier for a range of clients. The product had applications in a wide range of potential markets and the company needed to refine and target their markets for development.

Our Approach

As we often do, we took a staged approach to this project in the following order;

We began by getting to a clear understanding of the product proposition as seen by the customer and then articulating it. We then profiled a few of the most obvious candidates for type of client, settling on a few. Next came research of each vertical market, including understanding how they were going to respond to the product propositions developed for them and what their actual needs were. The potential vertical markets were refined and prioritized. A market strategy for development by the company was created.

Lastly ongoing assistance was provided for the execution and ongoing improvement of the strategy.

Outcome and Client Benefits

The project was completed on time and to budget. The client was able to focus on some very specific market segments, using messaging and communications that were targeted for and tested with those segments.

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