Software Development - Build vs. Buy
Decision for Innovative Software Firm


A New Zealand based company which provided a range of business development assistance to small business owners, the self-employed, and managers to help them grow their business.

The Challenge

To provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) product to their clients that captured and delivered much of the valuable intellectual property that Mimosa had to offer. They needed to get this up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible through the smart use of existing technologies.

Our Approach

Build vs. Buy decisions were critical, so we needed to work with the client to quickly assemble a list of the key product requirements and start the decision process. The client had already identified possible technology partners, but the key partner chose to pull out when we started asking hard questions about how they would support the product requirements. This prompted a search for alternative technologies that would meet the requirements. We located suitable technologies and mapped out a system architecture showing how they would be used to support the requirements.

Outcome and Client Benefits

Early termination of an ineffectual partnership; clear definition of the product requirements; identification of technologies that were appropriate to build the product and a plan to do so.

Before you outlay significant capital on

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