Market Development for a
Platform-as-a-Service Product

Easy Forms

Easy Forms provides customised digital platform solutions for streamlining paper-based workflows and administration.

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The Challenge

Since its establishment, the company’s offering was positioned horizontally across a broad range of sectors. For the near to medium term, the company was seeking to refine their business model to explore a more vertical approach and also to build on their partnership model. These insights would help hone the company’s strategic direction to meet their long-term goals of increasing market reach and credibility, coming from a base of strong growth.

Our Approach

Our initial approach to the project focused on clearly extracting the client’s product proposition and market strategy. We then canvassed an overall view of the market encompassing both the supply and demand sides. These findings were used to profile and prioritise the best value market segments to be pursuing. We also identified potential partners and distilled recommendations on developing specific future partnerships.

Outcome and Client Benefits

The company and its investors were able to confidently build on their approach to growing the market. They were also able to identify the types of partnership that were delivering real value from those that warranted lower investment for growth and focus on building more of the former.

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