Business Development for a
Smart Electronic Trade Product

Cable Ferret

The Cable Ferret Company was formed in New Zealand to commercialise the invention of a compact wireless rechargeable inspection solution by Andrew Wigney in 2013. The idea came about from real need back in 2006 when the technology at the time was not capable of producing a suitable product.

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The Challenge

Cable Ferret’s Wigcam is a wireless rechargeable inspection solution which has interesting applications in the trades sector. For the short to medium term, the client sought to improve current sales and distribution strategies in New Zealand, Australia and USA before expansion into other international markets. In addition, the client was also interested in bringing an investor and/or co-founder in to help cope with company growth.

Our Approach

Our process began with an assessment of the company’s current revenue base, sales and distribution systems as well as capital structuring and resources. Through our work, we managed to crystallise key markets to focus on, find actionable steps for uplifting sales in existing channels and suggest strategic options for equity partnership. This process included assistance in reviewing distribution agreements and ensuring that these were aligned with Cable Ferret’s best interest.

Outcome and Client Benefits

The Client was able to focus efforts and prioritise their next actions for achieving clearer business goals.

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